Groups: Catering

One of the more pleasant surprises for first time groups staying at the retreat is our food service. Owner and founder Pat Garbutt started cooking for a few groups back in the 90's. Having no prior commercial experience, she simply cooked meals as she would at home, making almost everything from scratch.

Here are just a few of the reasons you will never experience better camp food:

Catering is mandatory if you are staying at Gulfside, Bethany Dorm, or Nazareth area cottage properties.  It is optional in all other housing areas. Groups in optional areas can pick and choose as many meals as they want

We offer three hot, delicious meal a day for groups staying at our retreats.  Each home-style meal is prepared fresh by our own cooking staff.

Breakfast is $6.50, Lunch is $7.50, and Supper is $9.50. Click here to see the menu.


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